Android Certified Application Engineer

Building an Android app adds a great technical potential to your career; however, to acquire essential knowledge and improve your skills and competences in building Android apps, you need to learn how to secure, test, and publish your apps. In addition, you should be aware of the different techniques of UI/UX design, and how to include ads in your apps. These topics and much more will be provided in the following two courses:

1- Android Security Essentials.
2- Android Applications UI/UX Design and Monetization Techniques.

When you pass the Android certified application developer exam (exam code: AND-X01) which corresponds to the Android application development course,  you need to pass the exams: Android Security Essentials (exam code: AND-X20) and Android Applications UI/UX Design and Monetization Techniques exam (exam code: AND-X30) to become Android certified application engineer.

The following is the path of exams you need to pass before this certification:

Android certified application engineer certificate

Upon successful completion of these three exams,  you will receive an email in no later than 10 working days from the exam date, containing a username and password to access your Android ATC student’s dashboard. Upon receiving your login information by email you will then be able to download your certificate “Android Certified Application Engineer" certificate in PDF format and you may order your hard copy certificate and membership card.

Android certified application engineer version 12

You are not required to attend Android ATC courses before scheduling the exams. You may take any of these exams right away.

To schedule your exam, you may choose one of the following three options:

1- Android ATC Authorized Testing Center:

Android ATC exams are available at more than 130 Android ATC authorized training centers worldwide. To schedule your exam at the nearest Android ATC authorized training center, click here, then select your country on the list. Kindly contact these training centers directly and ask them about the exam schedule and price. The contact list is updated continuously.
You may sit for your exam at the training center premises or remotely while monitored by an authorized proctor from this training center. The exam price is 150 USD.

2- Online Proctored Exam:

Android ATC allows you to conveniently and easily take an exam in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by an offsite proctor. All communication with the proctors is done in English. The exam price is 150 USD. To know more information or to schedule your online proctored exam click here.

Exam Languages:
This exam is available in English and Spanish.


Exam Preparation
To prepare for the exam, you may follow one of the following ways:

1- Android ATC Authorized Training Centers
Get the proper training on all available courses through our authorized training partners around the globe. Our partners provide the latest curriculum of Android ATC courses and adhere to our high training standards. Preparing for your certifications through our training partners ensures that you get the best combination of theoretical and practical knowledge required for successful IT jobs. Our training curriculum provides hand-on experience through a set of practical labs for each Android topic covered. To locate the nearest authorized training center, click here.

2- Self-Study
You may choose to study the course on your own by ordering the self-study e-book from the Android ATC Web site. To order the self-study e-book, kindly click the “SELF STUDY” tab of Android ATC web site and place your e-book order. For more details, click here.

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