Online Proctored Exam

Android ATC allows you to conveniently and easily take an exam in the comfort of your home or office while being monitored by a remote proctor. All communications with the proctors are done in English. The exam price is 150 USD.

Android ATC online proctored exam

With this exam choice, an Android ATC exam proctor will connect remotely to your computer to operate and monitor your exam. You may schedule your exam at most 30 days in advance and not less than 24 hours in advance. You may re-schedule your exam one time only and not less than 24 hours of your exam appointment.

When you signup , create a student account, schedule your exam, and pay the exam fee , you will have a student account for you at Android Student dashboard ( Later on, you can login to this account to re-schedule your exam or download your certificates in PDF format after you pass the exam.

When you schedule your exam, you will receive an email including your exam information, schedule , and a web link to download the "Online Proctored Exam Guide" which explains how you start your online proctored exam step by step.

To schedule your Android ATC online proctored exam, select one of the following two choices:

1- If this is the first time to apply for Android ATC exams, click the following button to create a new user account and schedule your exam.

schedule flutter exam android exam

2- If you already have applied for any Android ATC exam before, click the button below, login using your email and password, then login to your student dashboard. Click Schedule New Exam and follow the exam schedule steps.

flutter exam certificate android exam certificate

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