Become an Android Freelance Developer

Android ATC has initiated the “Android Freelance Developer” program. You can now declare yourself an Android Freelance Developer to the public and increase your professional exposure to the global IT market.

Android ATC has recently activated the “Freelance Developer” club – a free membership club for all Android Certified Application Engineers who wish to publish their names, country of residence and professional email publicly on the “Freelance Developer” section of our web site.

This service will be a direct bridge between employers around the globe and Android certified engineers for freelance and employment opportunities in the domain of Android application development.

Android Freelance Developer LogoOver the last years, we have received frequent requests from international companies to obtain contact information of our certified Android developers for professional opportunities. As we strictly forbid release of such information without the user’s consent, we formed the “Android Freelance Developer” club as a mutual opportunity for developers and employers.

Important Note: Joining this program is only eligible for Android developers who have completed the requirement for the “Android Certified Application Engineer” certificate, those who have passed the AND-401, AND-402 and AND-403 exams. If you are already an “Android Certified Application Engineer” and want to join the Android Freelance Developer program, kindly click the below button.


                                                                          Become a Freelance Developer


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